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Well, First Aid Training may not be top of your priority list, if it is, fantastic, please get in touch, you can ring us on 0845 8621723. If it isn’t a priority, at least for now, then perhaps you will find some of the content listed below useful.

Saving lives is never easy, knowing and recognising the symptoms of someones illness or at least learning the characteristics of certain illnesses could prove to be a life-saver.

I hope you find the content below interesting and informative. If you need further information, or even better, you are seeking a training quotation, then you have our details, we would be very pleased to hear from you.

We will be updating “Useful Stuff to Know” regularly so keep your eyes peeled for further links, they just may help you one day!!

February 2013

Resuscitation Information

First Aid Regulations

Resus chart

June 2014

Guide to carrying out a First Aid Needs Assessment

First Aid Needs Assessment – Examples

First Aid at Work Sequence of Training Regime

New Resuscitation Guidelines


Really, Really, Useful Stuff to Know

April 2015

What size First Aid Kit do I need?

What type of Fire Extinguisher do I need?


Download PDF to print and pin on your Notice Board

May 2015

Regulated First Aid Training 2013 Changes



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